Tuesday, April 15, 2008

by author Hatem El Eishi

Common Interest - Philosophy


Tikitian Imprints is the title of a novel authored by Hatem Eleishi and published in August 2007 by Goose River Press.

It is an autobiography of Man or a psycho-analysis of the human race.

Its main theme is that humans, regardless of the time when they existed or the place where they lived basically remain the same person with the same set of inner fears and stresses, same dliemmas and inner conflicts and the more or less same reached compromises.

It is the story of Habi and Sheeba, a couple that lived thousands of years ago in Tikita in Kenya. It is through their story that we come to know the origins of love, friendship, jealousy, envy, faith, justice, morality and many other issues.


Tikitian Imprints is about THE REAL REASONS THAT LIE BEHIND THE GOOD REASONS that we give to others and more importantly to our own selves for things we think, say and do….

Tikitian Imprints is about why even intimate friends can sometimes feel envious of each other sometimes….

Tikitian Imprints is about women who happen to be the real boss here on this planet and who are smart enough to still assign men "the boss title" so that they can concentrate on their the bossing business in peace…

Tikitian Imprints is about why men tend to have a natural tendency to seek the company of more than one woman while women tend to have a natural tendency to be with only one man…

Tikitian Imprints is about whether lovers give unconditionally or they only give with the expectation of the love and care that they get from their lovers in return...

Tikitian Imprints is about relationships and whether is they are in essence basically physical or basically emotional...

Tikitian Imprints is about why we spend a lot of time in social codes of conduct and etiquette which makes life more complicated rather than easy and spontaneous...

Tikitian Imprints is about self-esteem, a weird term that forces humans to strive and work hard to achieve social acceptance and recognition. It's about how and when in human history that thing happened….

Tikitian Imprints is about human use and misuse of power. It's about why the stronger person or clan or country tends to overpower the weaker rather than give them a helping hand.

Tikitian Imprints is about the earliest human concepts of a Creator for the universe. It's about the paradoxical failure of many humans to live and act according to their faith in God after His message is at last delivered to them by His prophets…

Tikitian Imprints is about how the fact that humans know that they will eventually die someday is affecting their everyday life in ways they would have never realized had they not read that book…

Tikitian Imprints is about almost anything in your life and some things in your afterlife….

Hatem Eleishi was born in Cairo in 1967. He is an assistant professor of rheumatology at Cairo University school of Medicine and is currently working as a consultant rheumatologist at one of the major private hospitals in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Review by ...Zahraa ( FaceBook Member )
Generally speaking I like reading historical romance and popular fiction, am not into deep reading. I like happy endings and novels are my escape that's why I prefer reading light hearted novels, where the ending is known and anticipated... and they lived happily ever after.. Tikitian Imprints was my first serious and deep reading.. I liked it very much, it put me in a thinking mood for a while.
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