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Gerry Cueto presents Finding a Meaningful Career Gerry Cueto posted at Finding a Meaningful Career.

Charles H. Green presents What's Your Trust Quotient? posted at Trusted Advisor Associates, saying, "Do others trust you? Should they? Take the trust test, find out, and learn how to become even more trustworthy."
failureblogger presents Teaching Yourself VS Having A Teacher posted at FailureBlogger.

Terry Dean presents 7 Step Easy Writing System posted at Integrity Business Blog by Terry Dean.

Shawn Driscoll presents How Do I Maintain Energy, Focus, Motivation and Drive? posted at Shawn Driscoll.

mental health

gia combs-ramirez presents How to Immediately Eliminate the Effects of Stress posted at The Science of Energy Healing, saying, "With one simple, fun and immediate technique you can improve your immune system, lower your blood pressure, release endorphins and reverse the aging effects of stress."

Matthew Spears presents The flame of blame posted at Loving Awareness, saying, "By assigning responsibility to anyone or anything for a given result, you are assigning blame. It is the need to look for a cause for an experience that is the major factor in blame. So if you want to let go of the blaming process, you must let go of a need to assign responsibility."

BeFreinds presents BEST - HELPFUL, UNIQUE AND SELECTED VIDEOS ARE HERE!: SELF HELP VIDEOS posted at BEST - HELPFUL, UNIQUE AND SELECTED VIDEOS ARE HERE!, saying, "Good list of videos available with text to read. Get help using NLP, YOGA AND HYPNOSIS"

iMagxz presents Ultimate Stress Relief Guide posted at LifeJelly.org.

Gerry Cueto presents A Skeptic's Approach to Personal Development Gerry Cueto posted at Finding a Meaningful Career, saying, "my personal introduction to self-growth from a skeptical point of view"

Jirel presents Dr. Joe Capista- successful life, total success and new book posted at Positive and Successful Life Style tips.

Avani presents Better Sorry Than Safe posted at Food For Mind.

Silveral presents Celebrities as Role Models Celebrity News, and Gossip posted at Celebrity News, and Gossip.

Dorian Wales presents How to Fortify Your Job: 10 valuable (and challenging) Tips posted at Personal Financier, saying, "10 invaluable skills which are even more crucial today"

garry presents Dream the Dream, Then All You Have To Do Is Believe, Achieve, Succeed posted at 2 Million Dollar Bills.

Michael Law presents The Psychology of Real Life Casinos posted at Online Casino Blog.

Dr Martin W. Russell presents “I Can Make You Thin” by Paul McKenna - A Review posted at Dr Martin W. Russell.

GreatManagement presents The 4-Hour Work Week: What Would Excite You? posted at The GreatManagement Blog, saying, "If you could reduce your working week and had unlimited money, what would you do? What excites you?"


ITAKEOFFTHEMASK presents The Law of Attraction and the Key of Transmutation posted at itakeoffthemask.com, saying, "The law of attraction states that objects of similar vibration attract one another (like attracts like). But the problem is this-HOW can you ever CHANGE your vibration in order to attract that which you desire? The answer is in the key of TRANSMUTATION, that ancient process from alchemy that dares to change ordinary metal into gold, that dares to seek the elixir of life to cure all diseases and to restore even the aged back unto eternal youth."

Phil B. presents Humanity's Responsibilities « Phil for Humanity posted at Phil for Humanity, saying, "It does not matter if God created man or if man created God."

Jenn Givler presents Are you invisible? posted at Create a Thriving Business, saying, "We all need help. We can't go it alone. And when we stop ourselves from being vulnerable, we cut ourselves off from the exact connection that we need."

Piotr Stepien presents Ascended Masters posted at we overstep, saying, "Two examples of ascended masters - people who went beyond."

Kathleen Gage presents Spirituality and work posted at Daily Awareness, saying, "Our spiritual life is reflected in all we do. There is no separation. Everything we do either moves us closer to our spiritual core or further away. Building a business is most certainly an aspect of spiritual discipline. Yet, many people make a very definite separation of work and spirit. As with your spiritual practices, when you stick with your business journey, are not dissuaded, you are more likely to achieve your desired outcome. Often what can happen is when someone doesn’t see obvious results they tend to give up on whatever it is they are trying to achieve. Would you give up on your spiritual beliefs simply because not all is evident in the timeframe you believe appropriate?"

Karen Murphy presents LightSpring Transformations - Drive that karma posted at LightSpring Transformations, saying, "Many of you hold karmas (or "karmic threads" anyway) to situations that have already been resolved and these are things that you can simply allow to let go. Now, you can also choose if you have karmas that have not been balanced yet, to let them go for this lifetime. If they are not serving you within the context of this lifetime - in in other words, it is not being utilized to assist you with various issues which are examining, or utilized to assist you with the perspective that you are building for this lifetime - if it is not serving you then you can choose to let them go for this lifetime and you will simply pick it up again later on."

Tim Gary presents Habits and Success - Bad Driving… An Experiment (part 1) posted at Internet Success Bites.

Crystal presents 7 ways to live in harmony with your coworkers posted at Christian in the Corporate World.

Gary Evans presents Visualizing For Manifestation Yields NO Results! posted at Good To Feel Good.



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Welcome to the...

Apr 30-2008 edition

of ...''Self-Growth''


( Next Edition...May 7-2008 )


Arin Vahanian

presents How to Get Rid of Excuses NOW and Start Living the Kind of Life You’ve Always Wanted posted at Super State.

Joshua Seth

presents Your Mind Body Connection posted at Joshua Seth Blog.

Tim Gary

presents Have You Been “six-packed” by Your Thinking? posted at Internet Success Bites.


Jesse Roulette

presents What is Motivation? posted at Jesse Hooper - One at a time.

Dave Cohen

presents How To Be Excellent (Or, Principle vs. Technique) posted at Experience Designer, saying, "Some principles for gaining skills FAST and excelling in the long run. Used for learning languages, martial art, growing my business, and generally having a blast in life. Enjoy."


presents “I’ll Start Tomorrow” posted at The GreatManagement Blog, saying, "“I am struggling to make progress to meet my goals. How do you suggest I make the right progress?”"

Kathleen Gage

presents Why most training programs don't work and what you can do about it! posted at Street Smarts Marketing & Promotions, saying, "Have you ever talked to someone who took a training course and complained because the course “just didn’t work”? Or maybe you took a class, but didn’t feel you got much out of it. Was it that the course was no good or maybe you had some part in why you got so little value out of the money and time invested?

I contend there are always two sides to the story. Primary reasons why training courses, whether they be teleseminars, webinars or events where trainer and participants are all in the same room, don’t work are varied."


Roger Baillargeon

presents Insight Meditation ( Cource Description ) posted at The Book Reviewer Fan Club, saying, "-A 240-page Insight Meditation workbook: This workbook is designed as a complete self-guided curriculum. Organized into nine lessons, your workbook features more than 75 step-by-step mindfulness exercises, question-and-answer sections, glossaries, and photographs illustrating correct meditation postures."

mental health

Alvaro Fernandez

presents Brain Research Interview Series posted at SharpBrains: Your Window into the Brain Fitness Revolution, saying, "Check out these interviews with leading neuroscientists and psychologists on a variety of topics: brain health, happiness, trading psychology, weight loss, memory..."

Sam Zoranovich

presents Unapologetic Genius - Modeling Reality posted at Unapologetic Genius, saying, "An article on constructing mental models as a spiritual growth practice."



presents Trading Hours For Dollars Money Blue Book posted at Money Blue Book.

The Change Carnival

presents Finding the Path to a Meaningful Existence posted at The Change Blog.

Charles H. Green

presents Warren Buffett, Confidence and Leadership posted at Trust Matters, saying, "Buffett seems one of those content to look past the complexity and see eternal patterns replaying themselves. He’s a big fish who treats big ponds just like the little ones he came from.

Yet pure confidence absent some grounded view of the world is just a self-con job. The Rules of the World are simple: but that doesn’t mean they’re easy."


Gerry Cueto

presents Reversing My Sleep Schedule Gerry Cueto posted at Finding a Meaningful Career.

Stephen Martile

presents Love the Climb posted at Stephen Martile, saying, "Hi Roger,

I thought you might enjoy this article. It’s short and sweet.

When it comes to obstacles, challenges and getting knocked down, I realize that there are only two options
- go back where I came from or love the climb.




Gary Evans

presents Trusting Your Inner Guidance posted at Good To Feel Good.

Jessica Jones

presents The Intentional Family posted at Practical Nourishment, saying, "Spiritual parenting."

Akemi Gaines

presents True Life Purpose Goes Beyond The Illusion Of Self posted at Yes to Me.


presents Qi Dao – Tibetan Shamanic Qigong: Book Review posted at Martial Development.

Gary Evans

presents Law of Attraction 101 posted at Good To Feel Good.

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